"Thankfully there are artists such as Martin Mayer to inject a bit of excitement and panache into the format of the pop-piano.”


"Canada's Prince of Piano" – that's how the Beijing Times, China's leading English-language newspaper, described Canadian pianist and composer Martin Mayer.

His music has been defined as instrumental fusion – a combination of smooth jazz, classical, pop, and rock. Mayer's European roots add a good share of thoughtful and longing soul, his North American education contributes a healthy dose of high-octane energy. An explosive mix.

After Mayer realized musicianship was who he was, he would study at Royal Conservatory of Music, major in piano performance at Grant MacEwan University and win the Rachel McKeown Memorial Award for composition.

His recordings include Destinations (1998), Live In Concert (2000, nominated for "Outstanding Instrumental Album" at the Prairie Music Awards), This is Who I Am (2003, Nominated for "Outstanding Instrumental Album" at the WCMA Awards), the 2009 single The Orphan Boy, a year-long fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, Alone (2010) and Unbreakable (2018).

A Chinese Arts Agency took Martin Mayer on a 16-city six-week long concert tour in mainland China in 2001. It would become the biggest tour of any artist in China's modern history, and all of his tour dates since then would be sold out. He entertained thousands in concert, and millions on Chinese TV. Mayer, invited by the Canadian government, has headlined the Canadian Music, Food & Wine Festival in Taiwan since its inception in 2003.

The “Outstanding Alumnus” winner at the Alberta Provincial Awards Celebrating Excellence was also featured by the Czech National Radio Orchestra in a live concert of his music, recorded and broadcast live from one of Prague’s most historic music venues.  

Mayer’s latest album, Unbreakable, was listed as one of the Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2018 (Music Connection Magazine, December 2018), attracting radio airplay from across the globe, and becoming one of the few independent Canadian records accessible on China’s top music-streaming platforms.

Canada's National Post predicts that Martin Mayer is "poised to take over the world stage," while VOGUE of Taiwan opines that the pianist's "passion for music ... can only be described as breath-taking," and an A&R Factory Music Blog concludes: "Thankfully there are artists such as Martin Mayer to inject a bit of excitement and panache into the format of the pop-piano.”





“Canada’s Prince of Piano”  




“Our audience, which ranged from small children to seniors, thoroughly enjoyed pianist/composer Martin Mayer’s unique and highly professional show, featuring a wide range of musical styles, special guests and excellent production values.”




“A passion for music that can only be described as breath-taking!”

– VOGUE Taiwan



“Classically trained Martin Mayer has the chops to bring his bright, bouncy material to life. ‘Unbreakable’ is propelled by rhythmic synths and horns that allow Mayer to tickle the ivories in a way that is familiar to anyone who’s heard a TV theme tune. The piano is again primary as ‘Whistler’ picks up the pace and delivers an interesting mid-section before returning to its catchy hook, which would work well on a video- game’s end-credit roll. ‘The Mission’ is introspective and otherworldly at first, but then morphs into a dramatic, rousing and descriptive theme that suggests Cirque du Soleil. Mayer seems to have a mainstream ear and the skills to render smooth, catchy, vanilla-sweet instrumental music.”




“He’s poised to takeover the world stage”




“Martin Mayer made a special appearance to entertain the crowds young and old with his amazing piano renditions. Including his original pieces such as the award winning ‘Europa Boulevard,’ ‘Cabin by the Lake,’ and a foot stomping ‘Irish Dancer’ the audience was awed as Martin melded the solo piano show with backing music and beautiful backgrounds showcased on a projector screen.”