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New album "UNBREAKABLE" launched January 2, 2018. 

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Martin Mayer

This solo piano album features Martin in his truest element – all alone. Songs written from the heart echo with the purity of the grand piano. Enjoy the journey from childhood memories to days on the road



Martin Mayer

Martin Mayer takes his orchestra back into the studio for a new album featuring smoking latin, cool jazz, upbeat irish, classical-crossover, all with talented players on piano, sax, guitar, cello and vocals!



Martin Mayer

Pianist Martin Mayer steps into his career with a major self-debut. Recorded live with his orchestra on his sold-out debut show, this album opened the doors to Martin's long-standing music career in China!



 Photo: Michael Laverdiere

Photo: Michael Laverdiere

Talent alone is not enough. Hard work and determination are key to making your dreams come true. I could have easily waited for the record labels to come knocking. Instead, I took out $35,000 and bankrolled my first concert. That caught the attention of agents in China. And 34 concerts in that amazing country – let me tell you: my life has never been the same!
— Martin Mayer

Two award-nominated albums, a national concert tour of China, performances in Europe and Asia, a sold-out debut concert, international airplay, and his own radio show are just a few of the successes Canadian pianist & composer Martin Mayer has under his belt.

Born in the Czech Republic to a famous singer and prominent journalist, Mayer came to Canada in 1989. At age 16, after five years of classical training at the Royal Conservatory of Music and two years of writing original music, Canada’s CBC Television hired the young composer for a commercial spot. Having his music launched to a national audience, this small taste of success was the foundation and turning point for the young pianist.

Soon after, he took $35,000 of his own money, pulled together a 20-piece orchestra, sound and video crew and staged his debut concert of original music to a standing-room-only crowd at 19. The live recording of that evening’s success, aptly titled “live in concert” captured the attention of international media and talent buyers. It wasn’t long before Mayer and his band-mates found themselves in the middle of a 16-city national concert tour in the People’s Republic of China. With sold-out crowds everywhere, soaring album sales, and viewership on national TV performances reaching past the 2 billion mark, that investment into the debut concert was quickly paying off.

Back in Canada, his peers in the music industry took note of his efforts and Mayer’s live disc, released in Canada and China, was nominated in the category of “Outstanding Instrumental Music” at the Western Canadian Alliance Music Awards. Requests from fans and record companies at home and abroad put Mayer and a stash of his new compositions into the recording studio in the early part of 2002.

The release of Mayer’s new disc “this is who I am” garnered heavy airplay by radio stations in major European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Russia and went so far as Australia. The young composer’s fresh blend of contemporary instrumental with smooth jazz, pop, rock and world flavors caught the attention of online radio station, who hired Mayer as composer and producer for their jingles and musical transitions.

With continuous requests from stations in Europe for on-air interviews, Mayer traveled to his native Czech Republic from 2003 to 2004 for network television appearances, magazine interviews, and performances of his music. Appearances on national television programs such as “Good Journey” , comparable to North America’s “Regis & Kelly” and an exclusive interview in Europe’s version of PEOPLE magazine, put the young artist’s career into yet a higher plateau of success.

Canada’s government saw Mayer and his music as an ambassador of the land of the Maple Leaf and presented him as a featured artist in a series of concerts at the “Canadian Food, Wine & Music Festival” in Taiwan. The young pianist is scheduled to return in 2009 with fellow musicians and chefs.

“this is who I am” landed Mayer his second nomination at the Western Canadian Music Alliance Awards for yet another “Outstanding Instrumental Music” album, and came in second place at the 3rd annual Independent Music Awards in New York.

In 2005, Mayer returned once again to Czech and re-recorded one of his father’s greatest hits with Czech Superstar Karel Cernoch. The song “The Mouth Organ Boy” became a bonus track on his father’s greatest hits CD, which went gold. The Czech National Radio Orchestra featured Mayer in a live concert of his music, recorded and broadcast live from one of Prague’s most historied music venues.

Expanding his music into a deeper realm of writing, the young composer took 2006 and 2007 to focus on writing new music. For a feature vocal piece, he teamed up with one of Italy’s most original prominent soul singers, Ronnie Jones, to pen the lyrics for the power balled “Nuvole.”

In 2009, on a second invitation from the Canadian government, Mayer traveled to Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake and performed nightly concerts for the two-week Canadian Music, Food & Wine Festival at the prestigious Lalu Resort. The following year, he released his newest album “Alone” – a solo piano disc, with a few fully-produced tracks for good measure.

Mayer partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society in 2009 on a year-long campaign, raising funds by donating 100% of proceeds from his EP “The Orphan Boy”. In March 2011, he donated 100% of the proceeds from “Alone” to the Canadian Red Cross‘ efforts in Japan.

With credits including writing jingle and programming transition for the internet’s #1 radio station,, commercials for the CBC, news themes for CTV2 newscasts, and a recent commission to score the documentary on the inductees into the Alberta Order of Excellence, Mr. Mayer’s international achievements have been documented for readers in prominent publications, including International Musician Magazine, and VOGUE Asia.

In early 2018, Martin will release his fourth album “Unbreakable”, along with a video showcasing his newest piece “Whistler” paired with stunning aerial footage shot around British Columbia.